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Gail Peck & her baton.

Threatening people with weapons probably shouldn’t be this hot.

YESYESYES. I have been looking for those last 2 gifs FOREVER. She is SO badass in that scene.

Charlotte really is pretty amazing with the police training stuff. When you see her shoot in the gun range for certification she does. not. flinch. No blinks. Not even a little bit. Everyone else does. And any time she draws a weapon or is in a dangerous situation she radiates 100% confidence and control. So major credit to her for being so entirely convincing.


International Ice Hockey, Melbourne Australia
Canada vs USA game 4


I’ll be there tomorrow night in Syd! Few rows from the glass center ice decked out in my jersey.


"Right. I’m sorry. You don’t have a family and I know and normally I mean to be insensitive, but I didn’t actually mean it that time."
Gail Peck (5x09)